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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

another girl headed our way

So we found out that we are having another beautiful GIRL!!!! I am so excited. We have so mnay girl things and I would love to use them all again.
This pregnncy has been very different for me than the girls'.
For one I have a crazy antibody that can make me anemic if things get really crazy (lets hope that is not the case) and for two I have what is called an Amniotic Band, not reall sure yet what this one might include, but lets hope nothing bad from it. from what I have heard we have passed that bad stage. I have just become more high risk is all and get more ultrasounds. I can do those. .
I am now 21 weeks along. Only gianed 9 lbs so far. Feeling pretty good overall. and SO excited to bring more Pink home. lol I'm sure Brian is just as excited to have another little girl to wrap arund his fingers.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


We have some exciting news. We are expecting again. So far it looks like just one baby. We are due December 5th, We are very excited and hope everything will work out for us by then.

Friday, April 9, 2010

potty traning

So tomorrow we are going to try out the day with potty traning. I know youthink but the girls are not even 2 yet, but they tell us all the time when they need to go potty AND when they have a wet diaper they take it off. SO I'm hoping that it will go well. I know there will be accidents and i"m okay with that. anyone have any suggestions on how to make this run smooth? i'm up for them.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

babysitters needed again

i'm losing my great neighbor who has been watching my girls in the mornings once  aweek. I really need to try to find someone close by that would be willing to watch the girls for a few hours. I'm willing to pay you. Please let me know if anyone you know could possibly as well. I dont know what i"m going to do anymore if I can't find someone.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


i want to schedule a playdate. I have March 29th off work. any takers on who wants to play???? I feel like I need to get my girls to play with other kids more. call me or leave a message and lets plan something.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Something I wish I was good at is crafty items. I see some of my firends and they make their little girls clothes and stuff around their house and Ijust can't do any of that. If I try It doens't turn out very well. I want to learn, but I think I just get so frustrated. If anyone has any easy ideas on how to decorate or do anything, 'm up for them .
I also wish I had more patience with my girls. Some days i feel like I'm loosing it. I get so frustrated with them and all they want is a cup of milk.  Or Bucky or just to sit on the potty. lol
I also wish I had more time and energy. My hosue get to be such areck. I feel like I never get anything done. I made the comment once that I wish I had a magical wand like from harry potter to help me put things back into place and get my dishes and laundry done. one day my housewill look the way I want it to. :-)
I also wish that I didn't have to be away from my girls so much. I breaks my heart that I have to leave every morning and they cry cuz all they want is mommy to stay home and play with them.
I also wish that when I was at work that it was a bit more enjoyable. Work can be so stressful and it would be so much more bearable to leave my girls if I had some place I enjoyed going to more. dont get me wrong. I'm graitful I have a job and i do like it over all.
I also wish I had more room in my house. I"m ready to move on and find something bigger, but Ijust dont see that happening.
I also wish that My dogs were a big more traned. lol
I wish I had better dinner ideas. I get so sick of the same old thing. any ideas????
I also wish that I had time to read a good book. lol
I also wish my girls would fall asleep in their bed and not on the floor right next to the door cuz they want out.
I also wish that I had more realiable babysitters every day. My dad didn't show up until almost 10:30 today. Thank good ness for nice neighbors to help me with the girls so I could get to work. One day I hope it does not have to be that way.
I also wish that I had the car that was better ecenomical for us.
I wish that Brian and I had more time and money to spend on US!!!! We need together time and we just can't seem to get it.
I wish I could go on a big vacation and get away from the dirty house, work, laundry, dogs, etc. one day:-)

I"m not trying to complain I'm just wishing upon a star is all. I'm graitful for all I have. For my job, my life, my husband. my beauitful girls, my babysitters, everythings. I just want thigns to be better is all.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

what matters most
I have been going through a rough time so seeing this vedio just put a few things into prespective.

Friday, January 15, 2010

sleep over

The girls' new things is Ali throws all her stuff into Alyssa crib and tires to climb into it. SO instead of her climbing we just put her in there. They end up having a little sleep over in Alyssa crib. We only let them do this on weekends and the night they do it they tend not to sleep very well and wake up crancky. we will see how tomorrow goes but they just have so much fun. LOL

Ali before bed. She was so tired she was just laying down on the floor with her blanket.

Alyssa even more tired. She is laying ontop of their table. lol even though they were so tired that night it still took them about an hour to fall asleep. silly girls.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Alyssa hurt finger

Alyssa got her poor little finger smashed in the screen door at grandmas house (grandma did it) and this is what it looked like. she would not let me touch it. the one with the band aid on it is just  a tiny scratch. Her little pinky is something else. it's all swollen and bruised and cut. It was pretty bad. she wouldnt move it so I was scared it was broken so of course I took her in. and a cute little X Ray later of her little fingers, everything came back fine. On our way home she started singing a song to me. I think she is okay now,:-) LOL poor mom takes things way too serious. I just know the time I decide not to take her in she will have something broken or need stiches. just my luck.