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Monday, September 28, 2009

mouse update

So last Friday Brian calls me while i;m at work telling me we have a mouse in the house that has climbed up into the oven in the little cracks where the knobs are. I totally freaked out. I'm not totally wild about having them in the garage but I can live with it for the time being., however in the House, I'm not okay with. On the counter and in the stove is not something I wanted. I freaked out. Brian freaked out. So we set up some bait, but the bait says it will take 4-5 days before it dies. geeez so I have to live with this thing in my House for another week. I don't think so. SO I was at the dollar Tree Saturday morning, and they had snap traps there 4 for a buck, so I think "what do I have to loose" but few mice???? ( HE HE HE) SO I buy them. Brian puts one in the garage and one next to the stove. not even 20 mi nuts later we hear the one in the garage go off, sure enough a little black mouse in it. a few minutes later we look over by the stove and that one is dead too and we didn't even hear it (let me remind you that it decided to stay up in my stove for a good 18 hours) and than Sunday Brian found another dead one in the garage from the trap. I have got to say that is the best dollar I have ever spent. I'm sure we still have them cuz all the neighbors still have them, but at least 3 of them are out of the way. YAY!!!!! and at least we don't have them in the walls or ceilings like our other neighbors do. Yuck!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Does anyone else in our neighborhood have a mice problem or is it just the three of us connected?
I was watching Phoenix one night and heard mice running in their ceiling, I guess next to Keira, she saw a mouse in her house and I have one in my garage. ugh..... what a pain. I have heard peppermint oil and alcohol will help them go away so I'm trying this first before traps. I was in our garage last night and totally starting freaking out cuz I could heard rustling around in the dog bones. It freaked me out. I went and got Brian out of bed. Do you think he cared???? NO!!!! Me in the mean time went back into the garage but would not go without one of the dog (it's not like they would do anything, but at least I wasn't along) geez.
Anyone have any other suggestions, I'm way up for them.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

pictures of the summer, it's been awhile

SO, It's been awhile since our mommy has updated any pictures. SO here are our pictures from the summer. We really have done quite a bit. And tomorrow we are off to Disenyland to get use out of our memberships for one more time this year. We are so excited to go.

AlI I'm tired.
Alyssa in her new minnie mouse outfit. I remind myself of my mommy here as a child.

in our new outfits. Lookind so spiffy.

This is our slipper day. I had a dress on, but I spilt all over it and this is what I looked like at the end of the day. I had to wear my slippers all day. -Ali

Alyssa in her slippers too

I love talking on the phone- Ali

Ali before I spilt all over my dress in my slippers ( Actually these slippers are my sisters, but she is wearing mine today so who cares)

One of my favorite things to do is climb into the cuboards and pull everything and climb in there and hide. This what we are doing in the next several pictures. I know my mommmy loves it too, especially when I pull the 200 cookie cutters we have and throw them all over the place. It's so much fun. ;-)- Alyssa

There is not quite enough room for both of us in here. I get very angry. -Ali

I think I"m Alyssa, but I'm not sure here. -oops

Mommy let me play with the mail while she was looking at the mail too. It made such a fun mess. - Alyssa

We have learned to go out the doggy door at the same time. We are so fast at it too. Sometimes we get out and mommy and daddy dont even know we have gone out there, until they can't find us. He he he soon we will be too big for it though.

I love my tutu, I think it's funny when it's ontop of my head-Ali
I love my car. It's so much fun.I think i"m pretty cute here. -Alyssa

I am being silly with my panties ontop of my head- Alyssa

Swimming with my fun daddy.
i think we are done swimming. Ester and Zeke gave us these cute swim suits for our birthday. Thanks guys.

on our way to go swimming. We love to swim. We are little fishes. We can already doggy paddle.

Mommy had to work on the 4th of July, so daddy took us to a baseball game. this is our cute 4th of July outfits and my pretty necklaces that I love so much.. -Ali
Alyssa also likes her outfit too. sucha cute smile.
We love to play on our slide in front of the house. We love to swim too. -Ali
We both are still trying to figure out the slide here,but give us a month and we got it down to a science.
I love the water so much. even if it's cold. -Alyssa
I am learning to climb onto the toy box and get into the movies. Later on mommy had to move these cuz it's all I wanted to do. Even though I dont like to watch tv. -Alyssa
I went shopping with mommy at Old Navy and found where they put all the balls. I had to climb into the ball pit. It was alot of fun. Especially when I started to throw them all out. -Ali

Me and my daddy at the family BBQ party at Sugarhouse park. It was a very hott day. -Alyssa
At the famliy party still. We are so cute.
I sure loved my lolly pop here at the Orem owlz baseball game. It was yummy-Alyssa
Mine was red. but I coudlnt quite decide how I should eat it. It went in both ways. -Ali

Daddy put my swim suit on and I found the necklaces. We had alotof fun at grandma Bobs on labor day. we went swimming in the hot tub and had dinner and played games. it was fun-Ali
i'm up to no good-Alyssa

Just chillin with my sister in the rocking chair at home.
Eating corn on the cob at grandmas house. Yummy- AliI like mine too too. -alyssa

5 generation pictures again at the family party.

mommys family.Look at me- Alyssa
We went to the Zoo with our friend Macie. we had so much fun. we are just finishing up lunch here.
Look how big I am with a gorrila. SO BIG!!!! I'm walking all over the place now.
Our mommy is going to try hard to post our pictures more often. She still hasn't posted our one year old pictures either. One day. Maybe before we turn 2. ;-) We are off to disneyland now. see you when we get back. ands mommy will post about our trip.