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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


i want to schedule a playdate. I have March 29th off work. any takers on who wants to play???? I feel like I need to get my girls to play with other kids more. call me or leave a message and lets plan something.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Something I wish I was good at is crafty items. I see some of my firends and they make their little girls clothes and stuff around their house and Ijust can't do any of that. If I try It doens't turn out very well. I want to learn, but I think I just get so frustrated. If anyone has any easy ideas on how to decorate or do anything, 'm up for them .
I also wish I had more patience with my girls. Some days i feel like I'm loosing it. I get so frustrated with them and all they want is a cup of milk.  Or Bucky or just to sit on the potty. lol
I also wish I had more time and energy. My hosue get to be such areck. I feel like I never get anything done. I made the comment once that I wish I had a magical wand like from harry potter to help me put things back into place and get my dishes and laundry done. one day my housewill look the way I want it to. :-)
I also wish that I didn't have to be away from my girls so much. I breaks my heart that I have to leave every morning and they cry cuz all they want is mommy to stay home and play with them.
I also wish that when I was at work that it was a bit more enjoyable. Work can be so stressful and it would be so much more bearable to leave my girls if I had some place I enjoyed going to more. dont get me wrong. I'm graitful I have a job and i do like it over all.
I also wish I had more room in my house. I"m ready to move on and find something bigger, but Ijust dont see that happening.
I also wish that My dogs were a big more traned. lol
I wish I had better dinner ideas. I get so sick of the same old thing. any ideas????
I also wish that I had time to read a good book. lol
I also wish my girls would fall asleep in their bed and not on the floor right next to the door cuz they want out.
I also wish that I had more realiable babysitters every day. My dad didn't show up until almost 10:30 today. Thank good ness for nice neighbors to help me with the girls so I could get to work. One day I hope it does not have to be that way.
I also wish that I had the car that was better ecenomical for us.
I wish that Brian and I had more time and money to spend on US!!!! We need together time and we just can't seem to get it.
I wish I could go on a big vacation and get away from the dirty house, work, laundry, dogs, etc. one day:-)

I"m not trying to complain I'm just wishing upon a star is all. I'm graitful for all I have. For my job, my life, my husband. my beauitful girls, my babysitters, everythings. I just want thigns to be better is all.