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Monday, June 9, 2008

6 weeks later

one of these days when I have the energy and time to sit down and figure this website out I will have more on here as for now this is what you all get.
The girls are 6 weeks old. can you believe it??? Time goes by so fast. They are just fitting into their newborn clothes now. They were wearing preemies for about a month. At this rate they will probably wearing 6 month clothes when they are 9 months old. They really are the most beautiful little girls. I know everyone thinks their babies are beautiful, but I have to say that my babies are just so so beautiful. We are so blessed. Right now they have little colds but other than that they eat well and sleep great. Beause they have been feeling yucky they are bit more cranky but other than that they are great babies. They go in to the Drs in 3 weeks for their 2 month check up and it will be interesting to see how much they weigh now. They are filling out so much even though they can't wear any of their 0-3 month clothes yet. I will have to put some updated pictures up here soon. I am so lucky!!! :-)