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Saturday, August 15, 2009


We really have had a busy summer. Not only with us working a lot (especially Brian filming a ton of weddings this summer). but every time we go and do something I forget to bring the camera. So I don't have too many pictures. But we have gone to some baseball games, swimming a ton (we have some fishes in this family), today we actually drove down to Snow College where my sister Amy is going to be going this fall to see where she will be living. That was a fun ride and than to a friends birthday party. We have had a busy day. We went to the zoo around fathers day, the 4th the girls went to a baseball game ( I had to work). We really have done alot I just don't blog about it. We tried to plant a garden this year, but with how our backyard is and with all the lovely rain we got in June, only 1 tomato plant has survived, but it's more than we have had in the past. we are excited about those tomatoes once they turn red. I will try to blog more in the future. have a good rest of the summer everyone.
(still no sign of our poor kittys. It makes me so sad. I wish I just knew what happened to them. And we got a babysitter. Thanks to Randi. She is a life saver.)