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Monday, October 19, 2009

picking pumpkins and our UTES outfit

Here are some pictures of us in our UTES outfits. Our Friend Kalee made these tutu's for us. We seem to really like them. (I can't figure out how to change the pictures so it's right side up and I don't have the patients to figure it out tonight. same with the underlining. ugh...)

Ali on her car. She loves this car. They fight over it because we only have one. heaven forbid we have one of something. LOL
Alyssa sitting on the chair.
Both of my cute little girls. ( Alyssa would only stand there long enough if I gave her my phone so that's what she is doing is talking on the phone :-)
Here we are picking pumpkins. We had a lot of fun picking pumpkins. we went to a little patch and let the girls go and wonder and sit and play with them. It's was a nice warm day and we had alot of fun.
Both of these are Alyssa. She looks like she is trying to decide how on Earth she is going to puck this up. And than she decides she was going to go and sit on one of them. Too cute. LOL

Ali found the pumpkin she wanted and picked up and walked over to us.
Alyssa trying to do the same thing. :-) but to a pumpkin way too big for her to pick up. But she wants to try anyways.
Ali and Daddy deciding if they want that pumpkin or not.
On our way to the car after we picked out all the pumpkins we wanted. We HAD to sit in the wagon.

And lastly, Ali was sitting on every pumpkin. I had to get a picture of her on one.

I'm going to try and post our Disney trip, but there are so many pictures I have to go through still.

Friday, October 16, 2009

I got a new job too!!!

So most of you know, my boss was changing my hours to something I just did not want to do (and could not), so it I left me no choice but to find something else. SO I searched everywhere and was very lucky to have an interview yesterday and an answer all in one day. I got the job I wanted at IMC in the women's center lab. It's next to the OB and pediatricians offices in the women's center. It's Monday - Friday 10 am to 6:30 pm. no holidays or weekends. (that is the best part) It's doing outpatient now which I would rather go back to over impatient. I'm really excited for it. I will be home to put my little girls to bed and cook them dinner. Brians new job will be having him work more nights, so this will be good I think. My only real concern is that I need to find babysitters for Tuesdays and Mondays since I used to have them off. so if any of you know anyone? Thanks.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Good Bye............

Brian is saying GOOD BYE to Hertz!!!!
And HELLO to CHADDERS in Provo.

Earlier this month, Brian got a phone call from an old boss from when he was in High school (who tracked him down from realitives in Pleasant Grove), kind of making a job opportunity to him. Over the last month Brian has been interviewing and they have been talking things out to get things to move over into new management. In the end they have made Brian an offer he just can't pass up. He will be a general manager for Chadders in Provo. Doing the hiring and the managing and the everything. He is getting more money and bonuses and room to make more money in the future. It will also mean that I wont have to work as much. I will for a little while longer (full time), but I know there is an end coming in the near future and that makes it a bit more bearable. (Work for me is getting better though) We are both excited for this new change. It will be better and something I think we really needed. A BIG blessing. Something we have been praying for, for a long time. We hope it will be good. Wish him good luck!!! I am so proud of you!