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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

what matters most
I have been going through a rough time so seeing this vedio just put a few things into prespective.

Friday, January 15, 2010

sleep over

The girls' new things is Ali throws all her stuff into Alyssa crib and tires to climb into it. SO instead of her climbing we just put her in there. They end up having a little sleep over in Alyssa crib. We only let them do this on weekends and the night they do it they tend not to sleep very well and wake up crancky. we will see how tomorrow goes but they just have so much fun. LOL

Ali before bed. She was so tired she was just laying down on the floor with her blanket.

Alyssa even more tired. She is laying ontop of their table. lol even though they were so tired that night it still took them about an hour to fall asleep. silly girls.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Alyssa hurt finger

Alyssa got her poor little finger smashed in the screen door at grandmas house (grandma did it) and this is what it looked like. she would not let me touch it. the one with the band aid on it is just  a tiny scratch. Her little pinky is something else. it's all swollen and bruised and cut. It was pretty bad. she wouldnt move it so I was scared it was broken so of course I took her in. and a cute little X Ray later of her little fingers, everything came back fine. On our way home she started singing a song to me. I think she is okay now,:-) LOL poor mom takes things way too serious. I just know the time I decide not to take her in she will have something broken or need stiches. just my luck.