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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Neighbors or anyone that can help

Starting in the end of August I am going to need a babysitter on Wednesdays from 11:45am to 2 pm every week. I was hoping for a neighbor, but if anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated. I lost my last babysitter when she adopted a baby, as excited as I am for them, I'm out of a babysitter now. Right now Brian's mom is out of work for the summer so she is watching them. If anyone knows anyone please let me know.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Not enough time during the day

SO most know by now that I am a full time mom, full time wife, work 40 hours a week at the hospital, chef, errand runner, maid, dog walker, baby walker, housekeeper, friend, neighbor, sister, aunt, and anything else that I seem to have forgotten right now.. These are all the many things I do everyday, yet I can't find enough time during the day to do them all. I cook dinner about 2-3 times a week. The rest of the week Brian and the girls are on their own. Leftovers or whatever he can put together for himself.
The girls have enough clothes they can go probably 2-3 weeks without laundry being done. Except I will wash it, and fold it, but it usually sits, because the only time I have to put it away is when they are asleep and who wants to put baby laundry away in the babies room while they are asleep? I don't. Our laundry gets done about every week, at least washed. we just wear it all that week anyways to work.
Going to work everyday takes away my nights with my husband and my weekends with all my family. We don't go to church often because of the same reasons.
Right now it's almost 2 am and I"m getting to be quite tired, but I just can't seem to find the time by myself to write a simple blog. I started to blog our trip and gave up when the computer deleted my blog. No point in retyping it. takes too much time so you all wont see those lovely pictures or hear about it anymore.
Okay back to the point of the blog, there is just not enough time for me to be all those people. I so desperately want to put our house up for sale, but some painting needs to be done, the carpets cleaned, the house to be clean to take pictures, the yard clean, etc. everything cleaned!!!!! Where does the time go????
Anyways I better go to bed. This wasn't a very fun blog, but now you understand why my house may not be clean, or why we may never sell our house and get into one that we can just put more junk into, or why I diont call anyone or see them anymore. or why I have had a box that needs to me shipped on my table for almost 2 months now, or why my car probably stincks. Just not enough time in one day............