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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Be aware. picture over load.

This is the beginning of many pictures to come. I haven't posted pictures of the girls in a long time. ENJOY!!!! :-)

Alyssa trying to stand on the gate.
Mommy put us both in the same box and Ali does not like it. :-(

Playing with the bopper we got from Santa.

Ali in the box

Alyssa surrounded by all her toys. I love this picture for some reason.

Alyssa smiling so big! :-)

Cold day. All snug in our fleece. Alyssa in blue and Ali in pink and brown.

Alyssa smiling again.

Close up of Ali, Alyssa in the background trying to get a piece of the camera too.

Alyssa first Popsicle. She didn't really care for this at the moment. The both look happy at first, but once the cold set into their hands, it was screaming time.

Ali and her first Popsicle. She didn't care for it either. the same thing happened to Ali too.

Alyssa sitting so big. all by he self. I guess I didn't get one of Ali. oops....

I'm not sure who is who in these pictures. but Aren't we so cute with our shades????

"Look at me mom"

Family night out at the Jazz game. Thanks to Brian's parents we sat in a suite. the girls we great too.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


so the girls are 10months old. We went to their 9 month appt earlier in February and than went back two weeks later with ear infections. Got to love those. So here are their stats:
Weights 17 lbs 11oz
Height 23.25 inches long
50th percent in both

Weight 17 lbs 6 oz
Height 24.25 inches long
50th percent in both

The girls are crawling like crazy. They are standing up on things and crusing along the furniture already. I know they are growing so fast. but the big news is........ They finally got their first 2 teeth in at the same time. Both of the girls. . It was a rough few days, but they finally did it. It was at the same time as the ear infections so hopefully we wont be getting those each time a tooth comes in.
I will post some new pictures here soon.