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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Our house in a nutshell

so if anyone is wondering why we have not been out much lately it's cuz we are all sick. It started with Alyssa and than went to Ali and now I have it. It has not been fun. I have stayed home from work cuz the girls have kept me up all night and wont sleep in their own bed so need less to say that's probably why I got it as well with not getting but a few hours of sleep a night. The girls are both on an antibiotic now (thank goodness) so hopefully we will all be out and about again.
Crib update.... I went to Babies "R" Us to go and pick out a new crib (if you read the previous blog, I didn't want to do this0 But I went there and surprisingly they still sold my cribs we have now. I made sure first that they will not be made from the same place so that they will not get recalled again. I'm still frustrated cuz we had to buy the cribs first and get them home and put together and then take apart the old ones, give them the parts they want so they know they are not being used and than put our cribs in the girls room. Oh and than wait another 2 weeks for our crib vouchers to take my receipt back so I can get refunded the money that I paid with the cribs. It's just such a big hassle.
Brian had his 28th Birthday back in December. we didn't really do much. He got some Jazz tickets that we are going to at the end of the month where we will celebrate both of our birthdays. It will be fun.
New Years Eve, we went to Brians mom's house and played on their WII. That's when we decided we really wanted one too. We bought one a few days later and also got the Wii Fit. I have already lost 4 lbs just by playing on the WII and watching what I eat lately. It's been fun. Ask Brian how much weight he has lost........... (HE He :-) I made Brian promise me that he still has to take me on a well needed vacation this spring if we got the WII. I didn't want it as much as he did. And he promised but we will see I guess.

Friday, January 9, 2009

crib recall

so I have to say that this makes me so sad, mad, frustrated, glad, all the emotions you can put together. I am glad that I get notified when my baby products get recalled, but I'm everything else because I LOVE my cribs. I don't want to look for new ones. The cribs I picked out fit PERFECTLY in the girls room. They were a good price, now I have to go and find another one. and I don't want to take my sweet little time like I had when I was pregnant because they were recalled for a reason (the slots break off) SO frustrating. And on top of that, I have to buy it at Babies R Us Because that is where my voucher is good for. OH and I can't get the voucher until I give them parts from the cribs first so that they know it wont be used. SO frustrating. But in the end I am glad that I am informed of things like this so I can keep my girls safe.