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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

crazy night

so for those of you that didn't hear , we had SWAT team at our house last night. Call it a crazy night I guess. At about 10:30 last night, the Gang metro unit stopped by asking my about my neighbors and a certain guy they were looking for. I told them what I know-which was not much- and the just told me to keep an eye out for him. First of all Brian was gone to basketball at the Stake at this time, so I dont normally open the door that late, but I could tell they were cops. so Brian gets home and asks what's going on. I tell him who stopped by and he says there is like 5 cop cars outside our house, this was about 11:30. We are getting ready for bed, Brian is going to hop in the shower and the door rings again. It's about 5 minutes to midnight now. The Sheriff is asking me who all lives in our house. I tell him. He says it would be best if we leave. At first I though, well can I just go to the neighbors house. He says that's fine, but then Brian and I decide it would be best to go to my mom's cuz who knows how long this is going to take. Not even 5 minutes later as we are getting the babies in their car seats, the door rings again, now they want to look up in our attic. They want to know if their is a possibility that someone could hop house to house in the attic, so we have 3 SWAT team guys with all their guns and all walk upstairs and climb into our attic and sit up there. The Sheriff asks us to leave now. He asks us if they can use our house to surround the guy in more. What can I say to that? When we left their was about 20 cop cars outside our house. so I guess at about 2 am they evacuated the rest of the street to our clubhouse and it was all over by 4 am.
I came home to alot of our stuff to one side of the house- not sure the reason for that- other than that, just two scared dogs that wont leave my side now. I think they think they let us down some how.
Apparently , their was a known Gang member in the next doors neighbors house. He is a wanted fugitive. The Gang unit thought that he had several guns on him upstairs and that is way SWAT team was here. Apparently he didn't though. But they got the guy in the end. Crazy night. Oh on top of that when we got to my moms, the babies decided it was play time and not night time. ugh.....

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

it's been a few weeks

Not much going on here in our neck of the woods.
Ali has learned to pull herself up. So all day it's up - up -up!!! Up to standing in her crib, against the couch, against me or Brian, up on the dog, just about anything really that she can pull herself up on. She is saying DA-Da. Still NO teeth. Crawling around like crazy and now doing raspberries. She is growing so fast.
Alyssa is saying Ma-Ma (only when she is sad, or tired or wants attention really bad), Ba-ba, and now UP! She doesn't climb yet like Ali but when she wants UP she says it. She still doesn't have ANY teeth either. She crawling just as crazy as Ali is. She has learned "Dance' and shakes her whole body around and bobs her head. It's too cute. i need to get it on camera and post it. Just growing too fast for me to keep up with.
We are trying to get our house on the market along with everyone else in our neighborhood. It Will be interesting to see what happens. and how long it takes us to sell it. We so badly want to get into a bigger home so we can grow as a family. We cant have any more babies in this house.
Brian and I are going on Vacation this Spring. Mexico here we come. We decided (or I did) after a crazy December of loosing my mind, that I needed to get away. SO that is what we are doing. We are going on a cruise around our wedding anniversary (May 5th). It will be fun.
We celebrated my 25th Birthday by going to the Spurs vs the Jazz last Tuesday. Unfortunately they lost, but it was fun to go out anyways.
Other than that, we are just staying busy with work and the house and the babies. Nothing way interesting going on.